Brent & Jasmine - Kitchen Chicago, Chicago, IL


There is nothing like photographing a photographer's wedding, especially when you really admire said photographer's work. I've known Brent for many, many years now. We met when I was working as photo editor at my alma mater's newspaper, the Columbia Chronicle. Brent was a workshop student, sort of our paper's version of a freelancer, and we worked together closely. He was reliable, had a great eye, and full of enthusiasm. We became fast friends. I graduated, started began shooting weddings and Brent became senior photo editor at the Chron, but when he wasn't working at the Chron, Brent often shot weddings with me. Having him in front of my camera was a revelation: upon seeing his partner, Jasmine, walk down the aisle, tears of joy ran down his cheeks. Although we have been good friends for over five years, I was documenting him in his most raw, most human moment. It was an incredible celebration and I was honored to be a part of it. - O