Keiana & Gerard - Beverly Hills Courthouse Wedding

Keiana & Gerard - Beverly Hills Courthouse Wedding

Keiana and Gerard are very low-key, down-to-earth people. When you talk to them, they’re grounded; both of them have an energy like oak trees, roots deep underground and branches strong and flourishing. But when they look at each other, something incredible happens — they both light up, and suddenly they’re floating on air.

Philip & Michael - Paradise Point, San Diego

Philip & Michael are a match made in heaven. They’re both impeccably well-dressed, fans of a capella music, avid church-goers, and love being just a little bit extra. They gathered their huge community of family, friends and church sponsors for this black-and-white themed wedding on the San Diego beachfront of Paradise Point.


I shot this wedding with the Sweet Paper Media team, who are a great group of guys. When one camera started to malfunction, my cameras and I saved the day, and I’m glad I did! (PS: This is a good reason to get a second shooter!)

All the photos in this gallery were taken and edited by me, with my eye for documentary coverage, color and light.

here’s the story of philip and michael: