Amelia and Kyle - Greenhouse Loft, Chicago

Amelia and Kyle are eco-conscious couple. During their consultation, they stressed how much they cared about the environment; they cared about nature and climate change, and wanted to throw a fabulous wedding that was also filled with things that were renewable, recyclable, and reusable. They rented as much as possible, handmade the decorations, and picked the perfect venue: the Greenhouse Loft, which is a space in Chicago that is modern and chic, while also dedicated to making the lowest carbon imprint possible.

The venue was picked, the macrame was made, the guests arrived… then all that was left to do was profess their love for each other and get hitched.


Site note — I had such a blast shooting this wedding! Accompanying me was my fantastic Midwest associate, Stephanie. Steph and I got to hang out and enjoy Chicago on this (very hot and humid!) July weekend, trawling across record stores and cute cafes, and I’m so glad I got to mix business with pleasure.

Much love to Amelia and Kyle!