Julie & David - Contra Costa Garden Wedding


Julie and David are a nerdy cute match made in heaven. They can’t stop smiling and being affectionate with each on an average day, so of course their wedding was no different! There were so many little details that made it a big happy party: the party bus, the puzzle favors, the wedding party that joked and danced nonstop, the huge amount of kids and cousins who kept dancing into the wee hours of the night…


But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Julie and David live in the San Jose area, and they picked out this nice garden venue by Pleasant Hill for their wedding. The dark greens and string lights of Brownstone Gardens served as a complementary setting to their deep purple, lavender, silver and white color scheme.

Getting ready in a tiny little cabana:

Time for the ceremony:

Lots of tender words, and tender moments:

And then they were wed!


A boisterous reception:

Adorable kids:

And dancing for many hours, into the night, ending with a huge group hug that encompassed every wedding guest still standing: