Shailini & jason’s downtown celebration

Shailini and Jason had an epic multi-cultural wedding in the heart of Downtown LA. Spread across two venues — Marvimon’s Valentine and Flora Chang — and accomodating two huge families (one Jewish, one Indian, with many people flying out from across the world), this wedding was full of color, light… and tons and tons of love. It’s so hard to pick out my favorite images from this wedding. There were so many smiles, so many tears, so many hugs and kisses, and all of it happening in this fantastic wonderland of interior design.

After the incredible, tender ceremony, we went right into an energetic reception, with guests of all ages:

BUT WAIT! If I could turn back time… ♬ I would go back to this magical moment at the very beginning of the day, when the bride took all of her best friends aside — all 20-30 of them — into Flora Chang for a secret, girls-only champagne toast. Shailini read out loud personal letters that she wrote to each of her friends, detailing their histories, in-jokes, and all the reasons why she loved them. Safe to say: not a dry eye in the house.

Ahhh! So wonderful! Congrats and mazel tov, Shailini & Jason! ❤

A quick round of credits:

Beauty: Sandra Michelle

Coordinator: Michelle Isabel (who I ADORE!)

Childcare: Black Tie Kids

DJ/Photo-Booth: Vox DJs

Floral Design: Pavan Floral

Food: Taste of Pace

Rabbi: Michael Mayerson

Rentals: MTB Event Rentals and Circa Rentals

Venue: Marvimon, Valentine and Flora Chang

Wine: Argaux