Why should we get wedding albums?

The simple answer is this:

Life is unpredictable.

Technology is unreliable.


Back when I got married, I had my wedding images delivered on a CD.
(You remember using CDs to store files?)

Shortly around that time, it started to become more popular for photographers to offer their clients all their images on USB.

Today, I have a brand new computer that has neither a CD drive nor a USB drive.

While it’s not ideal at the moment, I guarantee you that within 5-10 years, no one will be using CDs or USB drives as reliable archives of information.

What happened to my CD of photos from my wedding?
Good question. I wish I knew!

When I got my CD, I uploaded those pictures to my computer and called it a day.
Two years later, that computer broke.

(I was not as smart about archiving methods back then as I was now.)

As a result, the ONLY images I have from my wedding are the ones that I uploaded to Facebook -- which I know now are low-resolution and terribly compressed --and the prints that my mother-in-law ordered from my photographer -- which are wonderful, high-quality prints.

My mother-in-law ordered a lot of prints, and I’m so glad she did.

I only wish I had an album of the whole narrative of the day...
from the early moments of the day, when we were running around getting ready, to the late night dance party and jumping into the pool with my wedding dress on.

Now I tell this story to all my clients, because it’s a good illustration of the ways that digital media can fail us.

As a photographer, I absolutely LOVE to put my work to good use in a lovely physical format; a book that you can pull out and look at for years to come.

Will any remnants of our social media pages exist 20 years from now? 50 years?
How will we share our lives with the younger generations?
Short of downloading your memories into holograms...

A wedding album is the best way to show off your wedding photos.

let’s create something lasting together.

All right! What’s the process like?

I’m super transparent about my album-making process:

  1. You make a list of favorite photos for your album;

  2. I take the hi-resolution files for those photos and place them into my graphic design software to make each album spread;

  3. I send you a proof of the wedding album so you can look it over;

  4. Once approved, I send that proof to the print lab;

  5. The print lab prints the album(s);

  6. I ship it directly to you!

Each album takes about two weeks to create + process and about one week for shipping and handling.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 8.49.25 PM.png

ready? let’s go!

Choose from my standard layflat wedding album from my preferred lab or the fancier wedding albums through my new manufacturer:


Have any questions about wedding albums?

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